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Camp Augusta has over 140 clinic activities to try - with many activities, such as archery, equestrian and climbing having different levels of difficulty.  Included leveled variations, there are over 170 different classes/clinics offered. It would take more than an entire summer to try them all.  Note, these do not include Playstation, Cabin Activities, or Evening Programs.

In a one-week session, campers choose their four clinics every day for the following day.  They have a chance to experience several things, and gain some initial mastery over one or maybe two activities.  Two-week campers are often able to try many of the activities, and gain a degree of mastery in at least two, and often more. 

Extended wilderness trips are also offered



Field Games


More About The Horses

Arts & Crafts

Skilled Sports

The Giant Swing!
Crazy Canoe
Battle Royale
Hangin' with the Horses
Baloon Making
Stained Glass
One of our resisent Mystics
Archery Clout

Outdoor & Nature

Outdoor Cooking

Dance, Music, & Theater

Garage Band


Augustan Magic

Aerial & Circus Arts

4th of July
Cabin Activities
Evening Programs

The below image was delightfully and unexpectedly created by a lovely camper named Emily.
Thank you Emily!  We were so tickled, we had to put it on the website. :-)


Tried an activity at Camp and want to continue practicing after the summer? Wishing to give a wonderful gift to your child? Want to teach your parents how to spin fire? Please contact us for detailed information about where we purchase any of our programing equipment.

Beyond school settings, not many healthy places exist that are designed especially for youth. Camp Augusta offers such a place: an outdoor "classroom," away from the pressures of our modern society, where children can focus on being children, and on really being themselves. Campers spend all day engaged with people, having fun and trying out new skills, like all of the above.

The time approaches for some SERIOUS FUN!! 
Hmmm . . . serious fun? Yes, serious fun!  The fun is everywhere . . . the arts, target sports, horses, water play, drama, dance, Playstations, evening programs, delightfully fun special wakeups, playful evening embers, field games, gymnastics, high ropes, low ropes, CAPP, music, cabin activities, ninjas, fire play, hammocking over the creek, the natural splendor, the outdoor skills and knowledge, or maybe just some fun time hanging out at snack, chilling in rest hour, chatting over a meal, or . . .  The fun is indeed everywhere!  But what's this serious part?  Like crazy, awesome, amazing, incredible fun, like that?!!? Well, yes, that kind of serious fun.  And, something more.  The fun of being tickled when you've learned that you can do something you've never tried before, be that a physical skill, or emotionally learning that you can play and be like that.  That's me?  That's seriously fun!  The fun of finding a life-long love of arts or horses or climbing or . . .  The fun of marveling at the intricacy and diversity of nature from the mosquito that bites you (try smiling anyway!) to the seed that turned into beauty and food.  The fun of experiencing WISH, WONDER, and SURPRISE in the myriad of ways that they show up at camp on a daily basis, especially when you smile and find out it is infinitely more common than you first imagined.  The fun of living in community, both joys and struggles.  The fun of a camper overcoming homesickness or seeing that they don't have to be better than someone else (physically or social stature) to be better.  The fun of being in your challenge zone, and sometimes even your panic zone, and realizing that you're still okay, perhaps after some TLC from your community fellows.  Failure and frustration can be fun?!  Cool!  The fun of being selfless and contributing to so many other human beings.  This serious fun stuff is something I can get used to!  I invite you all to have more serious fun than you've ever had!

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