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Summer Camp

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Wilderness Trips (1 and 2 weeks)

    We have a variety of incredible trips planned that offer a bit of a different twist on the typical Camp Augusta experience (if, indeed, anything at Camp Augusta can be considered ‘typical’!).

    • Backpacking Expedition at Grouse Ridge
    • Backpacking/Rock Climbing Expedition in Desolation Wilderness
    • Backcountry Wilderness Expedition in Hoover Wilderness
    • Split Session:  Augusta Week + Backpacking at Grouse Ridge

Resident Camp (1 or 2 weeks):

    Our program is designed for boys and girls between the ages of 8-16. Campers are placed in cabin groups according to age, gender, and parental requests. With a staff-to-camper ratio of 1:2, kids have full assistance in all aspects of camp life. Camp Augusta is a place where children learn to live together in a supportive atmosphere that promotes personal and social growth, increases self-confidence, and lasting memories and friendships.  Our extensive activities offer something for just about any camper.

Mini Camp (3 days, 2 nights):

    Intended as a first camp experience for the young child (ages 6 – 9), providing close supervision and an introduction to camping with lots of individual attention. A ratio of one staff member per two campers is maintained, and often better than that.

Communication, Independence, and Responsibility: Compassionate Leadership Empowerment (CIRCLE)

    Mission:  To inspire within teens aged 16-17 an appreciation for and understanding of the beautiful complexities of working intimately with children; to empower teens with focused leadership and communication skills that allow them to engage their world with independence, responsibility, and compassion.  Learn more!


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    Our programs are used by camps throughout the world through our sister site:

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